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Address of chairman
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Internationalized Strategy Leading the World Auto Equipment Industry

The bamboo which undergo rain, snow, wind and frost will be greener. From producing the first spray booth to leading the whole world auto equipment industry, Zonyi Auto Equipment Group. changed from weak to strong. More than ten years, we are always modest and down-to-earth, and we accepted and supported by whole world’s clients with advanced  technology, perfect production ability and efficient after-sales service. Not only establish an important image in the whole world auto equipment industry, but lay a solid foundation on China auto equipment industry.

" Glory Road,Persistent Attitude ",not only summarize formerly glory development, but encourage and challenge the strategic target “Leading Whole World Auto Equipment Industry. Each break through is accumulation of success. More than ten years’ frustration and break through make Zonyi get wonderful achievements in China auto equipment industry. Zonyi Auto Equipment Group will develop auto after market hand in hand with partners, to make it as China auto industry base, export base, product testing base, training base, auto parts base and technology pioneering base. To make Zonyi as world-class industry and a century brand with the struggle philosophy of innovation, with the spirit of forging ahead, with the mission of leading the whole world.

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