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Zonyi Auto Equlpment Group: Leading the World Auto Equlpment Industry

Zonyi Auto Equipment Group CThe leader of Whole World Auto Equipment Industry
From research and develop China first spray booth, Zonyi Auto Equipment Group accepted by whole world¨s clients with advanced technology, perfect production ability and efficient after-sales service.

Zonyi Auto Equipment
Market Positioning: Market positioning on the top brand. Looking into the clients and stabilizing clients¨ attitude to consolidate the brand image met the market.
Brand ConnotationWith the development of technology, China auto equipment industry make great effort to high technology and hommization. Zonyi is a brand which independent of Zonda brand, market positioning on high technology products, keeping input on technology and establishing high-end auto equipment market.

Zonda Auto Equipment
Market PositioningThe key brand of Zonyi Auto Equipment Group which customized products for clients. Take the advantage of Zonda enough market source, to seize the global market.
Brand ConnotationTo make Zonyi as world-class industry and a century brand with the struggle philosophy of innovation, with the spirit of forging ahead, with the mission of leading the whole world.

Zonshi Auto Equipment
Market Positioning: With the market orientation of produce products in batch, to establish the brand which will be known by clients.
Brand ConnotationOffer professional auto maintenance equipment for high-end cars, strengthen products¨ market publicity, to fill gaps in the market, so that the products can be known by clients. And offer personalized service for different clients with Zonda abundant market source.

Zonda Technology
Market Positioning: Market positioning on developing top auto equipments. Cooperate with global top auto equipments companies with the mode of research, production and sales.
Brand ConnotationIntegrating Zonyi Auto Equipment Group own advantage of production and technology and service, to create own national brand.

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