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Service Commitment
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Service Commitment
For creating famous brand, increasing corporate reputation, building corporate image, we are guided by the spirit of “ pursuing high-quality, user satisfaction”, with the principle of “the most preferential price, the most considerate service, the most reliable product quality”, we commit:

Before you buy
Product quantity commitment:
1. Product manufacture and test have quantity record and test files.
2. Product performance test, user will be invited to attend the complete test procedure. Once product is qualified, then do package and delivery.

Product price commitment:
1. Use famous brand raw material to ensure high reliability and advancement of product.
2. Under the equal race condition, our company won’t at the expense of reducing product performance and changing product components, sincerely provide the most favorable price.

Are buying
Delivery time commitment:
1. Product delivery time: comply with customer’s requirement. If the goods need to be finished in advance, we will arrange production and erection to satisfy customers.
2. We provides the following documents when delivery;
① Technical maintenance manual
② General installation drawings
③ Purchased parts specification and manufacturers
④ Spare parts list, and certain quantity of spare parts

After purchase service commitment:
1. service purpose: fast, decisive, exact, considerate, thorough
2. service target: service quality to win customer satisfaction.
3. service efficiency: once equipment damaged within warranty or without warranty. After receiving notice, shall start the service within 8 working hours.
4. service principle: warranty is 12 months, the supplier freely repair and change damaged parts caused by quality reason within warranty.

Beyond warranty, the supplier provides spare parts at cost. If the equipment damage caused by human factors, the supplier repairs or provides spare parts at cost.
Beyond warranty, our service people shall pay a return visit to survey users not less than 3 times a year.

They Chose the ZONYI

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