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Radiant and perfect ending 2017-01-01
In 2016 the whole year, ZONYI production and sales have been booming. Not only in the paint car paint, lift, washing machine and the whole plant equipment solutions to maintain a competitive advantage
Consolidate the Americas "Silk Road" to build an international "trade event". 2016-11-24
The poetically beautiful name of the Silk Road first appeared in the German book Gehry Richthofen in the Chinese book, published in 1887. For a long period of time, the Silk Road has been a bridge between the Chinese people and the people of the world.
Zonyi will attend 2013 Shanghai Frankfurt Automechanika Exhibition 2013-11-28
Zonyi Group will attend 2013 Shanghai Frankfurt Automechanika Exhibition, from December 10th to 13rd, Zonyi will show it's new spray booth, car wash machine, car lift, other auto equipments to this exhibition.
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